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Rellik belongs to :icondel-borovic: I just ponyfied him which she knows and finds cute/funny.
single word comments with words like 'depressing' will get you ignored, blocked and comment hidden/removed.
I will NOT tolerate something like that shit from the 'depressing yet friendly' person.

Because frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!

single words that are positive comments like 'cool' 'neat' and ect, will get replies and are safe from my wrath. So don't try and test me, i mean it

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Sorry for the people I was meant to draw Christmas pictures for and never did. Collage got in the way of things and is kind of swallowing me up.

Also like to point out I'm mostly on tumblr now, I'll still be posting things here but the large amount of things will be found on my vent/rant/dramatic RP blog which is MLP based but on the darker side of MLP. You can find me at the link below, but before you do I want to make a few things clear about the blog and things I do.

The blog is a darker side of MLP, and I don't mean like bat or vamponies or dark colors ponies. I mean like blood and gore and things that I flagged the blog as a NSFW blog. It gets bloody and sometimes it gets sexual, not in a offending way, just a little smut here and hints of sexual torment to my other OC that is shared on the blog with the main character. Most of the sexual stuff is hinted at but never really seen, it's mostly blood guts and gore. After all it is part venting blog too.

Now for images, I use bases even on the blog and you all might be like "that can't work, you can't credit the base then-" yes I can, and I have. I have a page that is nothing but images I edit and post, under every single image I use that uses a base I have the Character name with a 'x' next to it which when clicked on takes you right to the based used. There for credit, I show that I didn't make the image by scratch and I show the source of where the base came from which for most bases has the source for the original picture if not from MLP itself.

Now for a quick over look of the characters you find on the blog so you know what you're looking at. The first one we have up, who is also the main character of the blog and runs everything is named Blood Bound. BB is a crazy stallion, and I don't mean 'crazy: Pinkie Pie fun', no he is literally a psychopath that gets joy and fun from tormenting other ponies (mostly ones I make up s no one feels offended). He is based off a character from a horror game named Eddie Gluskin from the game Outlast Whistleblower, much like Eddie, BB looks and longs for a mate to make a family from. Unlike Eddie, BB found a pretty mare to make a family with but she wasn't willing.
This comes to our 2nd character you'll see on the blog. Ginger Snap, she is a pretty simple pony even though her name sounds like she should be apart of the cake or baker families she is not skilled in cooking, besides the basic. Ginger Snap is named because of her ginger colored pelt and snap because she use to be a journalist for news papers, using a camera (that goes 'snap') to take photos for the papers. She stubble onto BB's secret and just like every other pony before her she was never allowed to leave. At first her life was in danger (hack and slash, blood stuff). However after a mishap, which won't be explained on DA, Ginger became the mare of BB's dreams and her life was speared, for a cost she never agreed to. Ginger became the 'favorite' of BB and has a large (family) plan to make with her.
More character will be added, after their born (hint hint on stuff)

If you want to learn more, each character has their own page that tells about them. Each page has a tab with their name on it, some information is still be updated/added so not everything is there. But you are welcome to ask questions, questions asked on the blog will be posted on DA either at the end of each day or the end of the week, depending how many there are.

and so, for some of you that are still interested in the blog here is the link:…
also you'll find personal post/reblogs as well.
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~Nick Name: Annie
~Age: 22
~Gender: Female
~Relationship States: Taken by :iconvoodoomakermatt:
~Fave treat: Pocky
~Fave drink: Mtn Dew
~Fave pass time: playing video games, Role Playing
~Fave Movie: Alice in Wonderland (newer), 300, Dawn of the Dead, Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Avater, HallBoy 1-2
~Fave Anime: YuGiOH, Pokemon, HellSing, Slayers, InuYasha
~Fave Manga:YuGiOh, InuYasha, Code Geass, Van Von Hunter, Pick of the Litter, Peach Fuzz, Zelda
~Fave video game: Zelda, Harveast Moon, Bass Pro Shop The Hunt

~Best Buds

my adopted pets from:iconproudryukin13::
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